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About Us

Members of the Bahraini community working through our named partners' organizations

Our Vision

To nourish public students' love for the English language by breaking the fear barrier and serving as a supportive and auxiliary source of learning it in a fun and simple way. Also, to achieve the vision byway of the power of community and volunteerism in the name of a generation of public school students who are able to complete university degrees and get better job opportunities to raise their families' quality of lives, and thereby Bahrain's wellbeing entirely.


Our Mission

To collaborate with our community and partners to aid public schools' students in Bahrain in reading, writing and speaking the English language fluently outside of the classroom.

We aim to attract people with English proficiency to contribute to our community.

We focus on self-development for participants in the program, including students, volunteers and parents alike.

We would like to foster partnerships with different sectors of the community, including universities, schools, bank, companies, clubs and societies.

 We aim to open more branches across Bahrain, and reach out to a wider number of students in improving their English skills.

Our Goals

- To positively impact students' self-esteem, self-value, and ability to grow, dream and innovate.


- To create a committed generation who understand the value of learning from each other, and to empower them to become better achievers in order to maintain sustainability.

- To be a catalyst that aims to refine and boost the students' true abilities to allow them to achieve their goals.
- To make today’s students tomorrow’s catalysts and the Kingdom’s valuable resources. We strive for all of that through the power of our tight-knitted community.


Our Methodology

What makes our program special is that our teaching tools are simple yet effective: markers, whiteboards, and a PowerPoint presentation.

All teaching materials are provided to the volunteers upon their arrival, and the slideshow is projected on a big screen at the front of the room. Volunteers teach 1-4 students at a time.
The program is held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Each hour is assigned to a different grade, and volunteers can choose to teach for any number of hours. For more information, view the "Locations" tab.

Grades 1 to 6, we adopt the government school curriculum, where we teach the curriculum one week ahead of the school schedule. This allows students to understand the content, and be confident to engage and participate in the school classroom. 

As for grade 7 to university level, we follow a general curriculum that covers reading, writing, 
speaking and grammar.

An essential part of our program are the many activities held regularly throughout the year: workshops, movie nights, story reading, and fun trips!

For example, the video on the home page is of the “Me No Speak English” workshop, conducted by Mr. Mohamed Shukri. He encouraged our high school students to use English in every aspect of their lives.

Our Team


The structure of our team is headed by the leaders who take full responsibility of running the program.  

They attend 4+ hours each week.

Assistant Leaders

The dreamers help leaders with their responsibilities and are potential leaders in the future because they display a high level of commitment.  

They attend 2+ hours each week.


Volunteers are the individuals whom the program depends on for its existence. They are our most valuable assets. No prior preparation for lessons is required.

Our High School Students

We also encourage our students from university and high school to help us with Grades 1 & 2 on Fridays. This is to encourage them to participate in voluntary work and enhance their English.


We collaborate with AIESEC to recruit volunteers from all over the world to teach at Dream Big, to expose our students and volunteers to other nationalities, religions, languages and cultures.

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