Accepting Applications for 2020 / 2021

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➡️ You are facing difficulty in teaching your children English language, and you do not have the time and money ⁉️


➡️ Would you like your children to learn the basics of the English language in an innovative, fun and simple way?


Dream Big is pleased to collaborate with our partners:
-Saar Cultural and Sports Club
-Isa Town Cultural and Sports Club
-Center for Youth of Bliss
-Isa Town Charitable and Social Association
-Al-Naeem Charitable Society

To offer you an intensive hour per week in small groups for a small fee (20 dinars) only for the full academic year.


➡️ Our goal is to lead the student to learn the English language to gain self-confidence to knock on the doors of various and new fields in the future.


➡️ The study will be remote, as students and their families will be trained to use the Discord application until health conditions improve, God willing.


➡️ Intermediate, secondary and university students, and some parents who wish to improve their English language, sit for a evaluation test to determine the level that the student will enroll in.


➡️ The program would normally be held in the following locations;
- Isa Town Cultural and Sports Club
- Saar Cultural and Sports Club
- Empowerment Center for Youth of Bliss


➡️ The accepted students will be contacted for Saar and Al-Naim branches through WhatsApp, as well as for Isa Town branch for the intermediate and secondary levels and parents.


English Course

2020 / 2021

Every week, Friday and Saturday, we aim to teach English to underprivileged students.



Isa town

For inquiries and questions, please contact the following numbers:

Isa Town Branch

All levels and grades

Hussain Majeed >> 35150929

Naim Branch:

From grade 1 to 3

Sarah Hasan >> 66999268

From grade 4 to 6

Wala Ahmed >> 33867797

Intermediate, secondary and uni: 

Sayed Faisal >> 32300903

Saar Branch

From grade 1 to 3

Alyaa Alasfoor >> 33335034

From grade 4 to 6

Zahra Fadhel >> 33488727

Intermediate, secondary and uni:

Noor Fadhul >> 32038436

We wish you all the best!